Cruiser Resource Guide for Panama City, Panamá

2020 1st edition

This guide is divided into six sections:

1.Overview of Listing Content (page 2)

2.Maps (pages 3 – 8)

3.Detailed Listings and Entries (pages 9-58)

4.Touristy Stuff (not too expensive &self lead) (pages 59-62)

5.Weather Forecasting, Tides, Navigation & Hazards (page 63)

6.Beaching in Panama City & Las Perlas (page 64)

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Cruiser Resource Guide for Panama City, Panama

1 January, 2020

** consistently get high praise from cruisers to quality service

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For a quick overview, below is a list of the categories included in the following pages:

3D Printer


Life Raft Certification



Eggs (extra fresh, long lasting)


Rigging Wire & Supplies


Electric Motors

Lettering for Boats

Sails & Sail Repair


Electrical Supplies


Satellite Phone

Air Conditioning Repairs

Electrician (12V/24V)



Air Lines / Airports

Electronics (Marine)



Airplane (Private)


Line Handlers


Alcohol (for Alcohol Stoves)



Alternator & Starter Repairs

EPIRB - Battery


Sewing Machines – New &

Aluminum (Fabrication,




Bending, Welding)

Ferry Services

Machine Shops

Sewing Services


Fiberglass, Resins, Gelcoat

Mail & Freight

Sewing Supplies & Fabrics


Filters (Motor)

Makita Tools, Repair

Shoe Repair

Apple Computer

Filters (Water)

Maps & Yellow Pages



Fire Extinguisher, Certification

Marinas & Anchorages


Auto Parts & Supplies


Marine Suppliers

Solar Panels

Ball Valves






Stainless Steel - Fabrication

Battery Water



and Welding

Bearings, Belts, Seals


Metro / Subway

Stainless Steel Nuts and Bolts

Beauty Salon/Hair/Barber

Fuel - Diesel & Gasoline

Morse Cables

Stamford Generator

Belts (Alternator, Fan)

Fuel Injectors & Injector Pumps

Motor - Diesel Mechanic



Fuel/Tank Cleaning

Motor - Diesel Parts

Starter Motors

Book Binding


Motor – Electric, Repairs

Storage Compartments




Strata Glass

Bottom Cleaning

Galley/Head Remodeling

Nets (Radio)

Brass Fittings & Copper



Subway (Metro)


Gasket Fabrication



Buses & Subway


Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Fasteners


Camera Repair & Battery

Generator Repairs

(Stainless Steel)



Glasses (Prescription)

Oil & Oil Filters


Canal Agents


Oil Recycling

Telephone, Internet, WhatsApp

Canal Lines & Line Handlers

Groceries, Local Style

Organic Groceries & Produce

Telephone /Modem Unblocking

Canal Transits

Grocery Store, Big Box

Outboard Motor – New


Grocery Store, General

Outboard Motor – Parts &


Canvas Sewing

Grocery Store, Kosher



CAT Marine

Grocery Store, Organic


Transportation - Buses &


Grocery Store, Specialty

Passport Photos



Grocery Store Deliveries


Transportation - Taxis & UBER

Charts / Cruising Guides


Pet - Boarding

Travel Agent

Check-In / Check-Out

GTO-15 Wire

Pet - Doctor / Veterinarian

Turbo Chargers

Chinese Medicines/Herbs

Hardware Stores

Pet – International Health

Upholstery (Marine)

Chrome Re-plating



Compass Adjustment

Heat Exchanger Repairs

Pet - Supplies


Computer Repairs & Service

Honda Generator



Computers in English


Phone / Cell Phone

Watch Repair

Control Cables



Water Maker

Construction Materials

Hotels / Hostels


Water Maker Repairs

Consumer Protection


Propeller & Shaft Repair

Water Pump



PVC – Pipe, Supplies, Fittings


Copper Foil


Racor Filters

Copper Tubing


Radar – New & Repairs


Courtesy Flags


Radio FM (English)

West System

Cruising Associations


Radio Nets




Radio Repairs





Windlass Repair

Dentist / Dental Surgeon







Wood Workers

Diesel Mechanic

Jerry Jugs

Refrigeration – Repairs

Diesel Parts

Jubilado Discount

Refrigeration – Supplies


Dinghy, New

Lagoon Yachts


Yanmar/Yamaha Parts

Dinghy, Repairs

Lasik Surgery

Yeast (fresh)


Doctor, General


Yellow Fever shots

Resins (Epoxy and Gelcoat)

Doctor, Specialists & Surgeons




Dry Cleaning











Cruiser Resource Guide for Panama City, Panama


1 January, 2020

** consistently get high praise from cruisers to quality service


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The map above gives a general orientation to the City of Panama.

There are two major transportation hubs:

1.Terminal at Albrook Mall (D6, above)

2.Plaza Cinco de Mayo (H5, above), see also map on the next page.

See the entries for “Transportation – Buses & Subway” and “Transportation—Taxis & Uber” for more information on these two locations.

The city is divided into numerous neighborhoods. The map above identifies some of them; such as Bella Vista (G8), Los Angeles (D10), and Punta Paitilla (I10). You will see these neighborhood designations printed on buses and in the detailed entries of this guide. Having a general idea of these neighborhoods will help you guesstimate reasonable taxi fares, read the signs on buses and figure out where shops and services are located.

Panama City has five major (mostly east-west) roads. The majority of buses will follow one of these five roads, so if you can identify them here, you will be able to figure out what bus to take to get to a location. From north to south they are:

1.Tumba Muerto (official name Via Ricardo Alfaro, but known to all as Tumba Muerto), begins at E9 in the map above, by the national brewery (Cervezeria Nacional)

2.Avenida Nacional (G5) which becomes the Transistmica at about G6/G7 (again, there are two names: Avenida Simon Bolivar and Transistmica; Transistmica being the one in common usage)

3.Via Espana/Avenida Central. At the eastern end (F16), Via Espana is a two way road. At Via Porras (F11) traffic becomes one way only, east to west (right to left above). It stays one way until Plaza Cinco de Mayo (H5) where it becomes Avenida Central. At its eastern end, Avenida Central is closed to traffic and commonly known as, “the walking street”. After the shopping area of the walking street, Avenida Central opens to cars again and continues to Casco Viejo, J5

4.Calle 50 (for English speakers, pronounced “seen-cuen-tah”) (traffic is one way, west to east, G8 to G14)

5.Avenida Balboa / Cinta Costera, the southernmost road, follows the ocean front (I5 to H10) where it continues as Via Israel (H10 to H14) finally turning into Via Cincuentenario (H14) at Panama Viejo.

Cruiser Resource Guide for Panama City, Panama

1 January, 2020

** consistently get high praise from cruisers to quality service

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The area around Plaza Cinco de Mayo was the main commercial area of Panama City throughout most of the 1900's.

Referring to the map above:

MMetro Station, Cinco de Mayo

TTerminal Marañon (see “Transportation – Buses & Subway” for more info)

1The Walking Street (street for pedestrians only, has many stores including fabric stores, clothing stores, etc). Always an experience.

2Mercado de Mariscos (Fish Market) - it is about a 15 minute walk between the metro station and the Fish Market. On exiting the metro station walk down either Avenida B or the walking street (Avenida Central). Turn left at Avenida Balboa. This will be the first street after Caja de Ahorros on Avenida Central or restaurant Delicias Terramar on Avenida B.

3Cochez (Building Supplies)

4Mercado Publico (Public market for vegetables and meats)

5 Coca Cola Cafe (the oldest cafe in Panama City)

Cruiser Resource Guide for Panama City, Panama

1 January, 2020

** consistently get high praise from cruisers to quality service

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Abernathy (Chandler)--------------------------------------------


Air Facility (Mail/Freight)--------------------------------------


Agencias Domingo (Bearings, Belts, Seals)-----------------


Dilupa (Oil & Oil Filters) note 2 locations-------------

3 & 19

Dimar (Bearings, Belts, Seals)---------------------------------


Do-It Center (Hardware Stores)---------------------------------


Electro Inyeccion (Oil & Oil Filters)-------------------------


Equipo (Chandler)------------------------------------------------


Fausto Salazar (Tools)--------------------------------------------


Gigatech (Electrical Supplies)-----------------------------------


Mayher (Tools)------------------------------------------------------------


Mega Depot (Grocery Store, Big Box)--------------------------------


Melo's (Pet – Supplies)----------------------------------------------------


Multi Plastic (Lexan/Plastics)---------------------------------------------


Pak-Ya Panama (Mail/Freight)-----------------------------------------


Panama Auto (Auto Parts & Supplies)----------------------------------


Price Smart (Grocery Store, Big Box) Via Brasil outlet------------


Riba Smith (Grocery Store, General)------------------------------------


Scuba Panama (Scuba)-----------------------------------------------------


This map includes two Metro Stations: Fernandez de Cordoba and Via Argentina. The distance between the two stations is approximately 1 km.

The distance between Abernathy's (11) and Pricesmart (16) is approximately 1 km.

Cruiser Resource Guide for Panama City, Panama

1 January, 2020

** consistently get high praise from cruisers to quality service

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(see “Check-In, Check-Out” for full details)

The distance between Migracion in the Albrook Office Center and the Maritime Authority is approximately .5 km.

Cruiser Resource Guide for Panama City, Panama

1 January, 2020

** consistently get high praise from cruisers to quality service

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Abernathy's (Chandler), a small outlet-----------------


Panama Net Buy (Mail/Freight)---------------------------------


Chinese Grocery Store------------------------------------


Planet Computer (Computer Repairs & Supplies)-------------------


Do-It Center (Hardware)---------------------------------


Policenter (GTO Wire)-------------------------------------------


Gran Morrison (Books), a department store-----------


Rey (Grocery Store, General)-----------------------------------


ICOM (Radio Repairs)------------------------------------


Yoytec (Computers)---------------------------------------------


Cruiser Resource Guide for Panama City, Panama

1 January, 2020

** consistently get high praise from cruisers to quality service

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Balboa Dental Clinic----------------------------------------------


Happy Copy (Copies)------------------------------------------------------


Canal Authority (Canal Transits)--------------------------------


Hostel Amador (Hostels/Hotels)----------------------------------------


Citibank (to pay canal transit fee)-------------------------------


Islamorada (Charts)---------------------------------------------------------


Electronica de Anton----------------------------------------------


La Boca Gas Station--------------------------------------------------------


Farmacia Guadalupa (Pharmacy)------------------------------


Post Office (Mail/Freight)-------------------------------------------------


Freeway Laundry (Laundry)-------------------------------------




The distance between the overpass for the Bridge of Americas and the Canal Authority building (number 1 on the map) is about 1.5 km

Cruiser Resource Guide for Panama City, Panama

1 January, 2020

** consistently get high praise from cruisers to quality service

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3D Printer

3-D-Printer 398-8121 / 398-8122


Centro Comericial Plaza Paitilla, #28 on Via Italia in Punta Paitilla. May be useful for fabricating small plastic




See Overseas Electronics, under “Electronics (Marine)”. Carries batteries and new units.


Various. Go to El Dorado district (Tumba Muerto bus, get off at the large sign for Rey. Cross the street and


walk back to the circular building decorated with pictures of cakes and sweets. Turn right and continue to the


next intersection, passing a casino/gentleman's club. Look for pain centers here and around the corner.) See map


page 6.


See also Centro Medico Omega under “Doctors, General”


See also “Chinese Medicines/Herbs”. The proprietor there can offer referrals.


=> see “Canal Agents”


Narval Marine (listed under “Repairs”)





Air Lines /

Panama City has two airports: Tocumen (PTY) on the eastern side of town for most international flights and


Albrook or Aeropuerto Marcos A. Gelabert (PAC) on the western side of town for mostly domestic flights


(including flights to the Las Perlas).




Air Panama 316-9000


Note: Aeroperlas stopped operating November, 2012. As of this edition, they remain non-operational.




Copa Airlines 227-0116 (Panama’s international airline a partner with Continental Airlines)Several other


airlines fly out of Tocumen International Airport, including American Airlines, Spirit, etc. You can verify which


airlines are servicing this airport by going to


Doriano Bizzoni 6634-8725




Discovery Center (listed under “Hardware Stores”) sells gallon cans of Sunnyside Denatured Alcohol for

(for cooking

Alcohol Appliances and Marine Stoves. Look in the paint section with the thinners, etc.


For small quantities, try El Machetazo, under “Grocery Store, General”





Alcohol for the stove is called Alcohol Ehilico Desnaturalizado in Panama. If you cannot find it anywhere in


Panama (stocks often run down) you can try this two step process:


1. Go to the “Comisión Nacional para el Estudio y la Prevención de los Delitos Relacionados con Drogas,


Unidad de Control de Quimicos” on Via España, next to the El Rey grocery store, on the same side of the street.


Take your passport, boat-certification and crew list. You might also take a photo of the kitchen-stove and have


the model name and number. You need to tell them where you will buy the alcohol (see next step for one option).


They will give you permission to buy a fixed quantity (one cruiser was granted permission to buy 30 gallons).


2. Nacional Quizzical S.A. (217-3777) sells large quantities. One pack with 4 plastic bottles of 1 gallon each


was priced at $25.25 plus tax in 2011.


2013 UPDATE:


One cruiser reported he called Nacional Quizzical (listed above, ask to speak with someone who speaks English,


if needed) and because he told them he was on a boat they waived the requirement for a license. The alcohol was


delivered to him at the anchorage and he paid the driver directly. He bought 16 gallons at a price of $9.81 per


gallon. All purchases must be made in multiples of 4 gallons which is packaged in four 1 gallon bottles placed in


a box.

Alternator &

AUSEEL – Auto Services Electronic – 274-0055 **

Starter Repairs

Alternator and starters, big selection of parts in stock. Can repair while you wait.


Located in San Miguelito, next to Plaza Verbo de Dios




Repair it while you wait, located in San Christology (go round the corner to the right in a little alley and not in


the main entrance to get good prices). Taxi driver Roosevelt knows how to get to this place.


El Alternator 220-2514


Estrada de Paralegal. Avenida Jose Maria Torridness, by the Tocumen airport/Conception


(more on next page)



Cruiser Resource Guide for Panama City, Panama

1 January, 2020

** consistently get high praise from cruisers to quality service

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Alternator & Starter Repairs, continued from previous page


Electro Mechanical 220-2514


Via Principal. Repairs and purchases


Electro Service 6649-3737


On Calle 11. Alternator repairs.


International de Partes Electro Mechanical (Roberto Joy) 221-3022 or 221-8464 / 221-6088, 6213-2738 **


Repairs alternators and starters. Located on Via Espana, in the Las Cabanas area 200 meters from the


intersection of Via Espana and Avenida 12 de October in the gray 3-story building with the large Bosch sign on


front. Roberto is also a good source for referrals for other repairs.


From Albrook Terminal, you can take the V560/V520 bus “Via Espana-Calidonia-Albrook” bus or the V201


“Automotor-Via Espana-Albrook-Directo” bus.


Motored Electric Maxim Martin 262-1762 or 262-0665, cell 6616-8870


Calle 27 Final Corundum


Services Nacho (Jose Ignacio Morocco) 6578-5081 or 227-9580 **


Starter motor and alternator rebuilds. Also heat exchange repair and cleaning


On Avenida Frangible, across from the gas station. (This is on the one way road that runs parallel to Avenida


Nacional which carries traffic in the other direction, just a few blocks away from Centro Marion and Costumer y


Tornillos. Not a good area of town, best to take a taxi at least for the first time.)


Taller Miguel Aguila 6539-9849, 6545-9217, 6570-2018, 6078-8690


Ave. Frangipani, in front of the Texaco station. Specializes in the shipping and aeronautic industries.


ALPAN (Alumina de Panama) 231-0366


On Transistmica, Milla 8 (across from Rey Grocery Store). Aluminum extrusion factory.


Alumicentro de Panama 221-6467


Located in the Rio Abajo area near Calle 13 & Via Espana



Mesoliju, SA Ronnie 6611-7203, speaks English


Aluminum fabrication, bending, and welding. Aluminum sheet metal/structural metal shop: ship building and


repair. Was located in Diablo, has moved closer to Vacamonte ship yard.


Metalca Boats ** +507 830-7982 6400-7998, Austrian, speaks English and German


Aluminum fabrication, bending, and welding, Aluminum sheet metal/structural metal shop: ship building and


repair. Marine grade aluminum. Does stainless-steel as well. Zona Industrial San Lorenzo




=> see “Marinas and Anchorages”




See “Chandlers.” In particular, try Abernathy´s and Pesqueros. However, stock is generally limited to lighter


weight anchors and you may need to consider shipping in a heavier weight anchor from Marine Warehouse.


Marine Scene Richard Zaleski 6470-6302 and Mike Barker 6727-6722


Sell Rocna anchors, as well as some Harken products. Mike is also a rigger.




=> see “Computer Repairs & Service”




Marisel Jurado 6613-4549 (cell), 340-6324 (office)


Jurado, Escobar, Della, Tonga, Icaza and Jurado


On Aquillo de la Guardia and Calle 47. Oceana Business Plaza, 10th floor, Ste 1003. She speaks English but her


staff does not.


Mayra Lamboglia 226-2895


Flor de Montserrat Claramunt 263-2121


Immigration (residency visa) and real estate. Located in Edificio 120, Antiguo Bco Continental on Via Espana,


2nd floor. Flor speaks excellent English. Her assistants and office staff speak Spanish only.


Idis Archangel Espinoza 6641-9210, (speaks English)


Immigration lawyer for solving problems or for info about residency


See also “Notary”

Cruiser Resource Guide for Panama City, Panama

1 January, 2020

** consistently get high praise from cruisers to quality service

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Auto Parts &

Panama Auto 278-8300


Two locations (same phone number for each):


1. Transistmica, on same side of street as Riba Smith, one block away, across from Do-It Center. (see map on


page 5)


2. Rio Abajo


Good selection of copper tubing and fittings for fuel lines. Carry engine belts, replacement bulbs for spreader


lights, spark plugs for generators and outboards, tools, can make hoses while you wait

Ball Valves



Located in Rio Abajo Calle 9na


The local chandleries (Abernathy's, Centro Marino, etc. See”Chandlers”) have varying stock. Suimport


reportedly has a consistent stock that includes stainless steel and bronze at good prices.


Battery Giant +507 264-1111 Moises Benzion speaks excellent English


Via Fernandez de Cordoba, Local #1. Across from Super 99. Easy walking distance from the Fernandez de


Cordoba metro station. Specialize in all sorts of batteries. Can special order EPIRB batteries. Also recycles old




Casa de Las Baterias 800-6666 (general number) 264-0904 (Via Espana location)


Several locations, including the one on Via Espana close to PriceSmart and one close to Albrook Mall.


Carry deep cycle batteries, including Trojan brand and, sometimes, AGMs. Also carry water for batteries.


Interstate Batteries Omar or David 315-1656


Carry deep cycle batteries equivalent to Trojan T-105s and T-145s. Will take old batteries as trade ins. Can also


waive sales tax if you show them your boat papers. Interstate batteries were favorably reviewed by Practical


sailor. David speaks excellent English. Call to verify location, reported to be moving end 2016.


Tasco 228-0555


Batteries made in Panama. Not deep cycle.


PriceSmart (see “Grocery Store, Big Box”)


Carries deep cycle 6V golf cart batteries. Note that both PriceSmart locations carry 12V batteries but only the


Tumba Muerto location has the deep cycle 6V batteries. Some cruisers have reported the deep cycle batteries not


long lasting.


Marine Warehouse (listed under “Chandlers”) can ship batteries from the U.S.


For Iridium Phone batteries, => see Satellite Phones”


For EPIRB batteries, => see “EPIRB”



Battery Water

Casa de Las Baterias, (see listing above, under “Batteries”)


Discovery Center (listed under “Hardware Stores”) sells gallon bottles. Be sure to check the label, though, as


the battery water sold there may have acid included.


Mega Depot (listed in “Grocery Store, Big Box”) sells gallon bottles. Be sure to check the label, though, as the


battery water sold there may have acid included.


Pesqueros (listed under “Chandlers”) The outlet on the causeway will also often carry gallon bottles of battery


water from Casa de Las Baterias.



Bearings, Belts,

Agencias Domingo


Carry Gates green stripe belts as well as a large selection of other types of belts, bearings, seals, gasket materials


and automotive products. On the road parallel to Transistmica behind Abernathy's. See map, page 5. (Enter


Abernathy's on the Transistmica entrance, exit on the back side of the store and turn right. The shop will be on


the corner across the street.)


Dimar 229-1444


Edificio La Balindera in Vista Hermosa. Ask for Vielka Madrid, she speaks English and is at the furthest desk to


the right behind the sales counter. In addition to bearings, carries impellers, Morse Cables, tools. Distributor for


Jabsco. The back side of the building faces onto Via Espana. Most direct route is to take the subway to the


Fernandez de Cordoba stop. Also within walking distance of the RibaSmith on Transistmica. See map, page 5.


Quickly Seal Panama 323-1966, Juli0 6450-5521 or 6422-4209 Via Principal Chanis, Casa A 15 Esquina con


Calle V , ,


Fabricates seals, gaskets to order.



Cruiser Resource Guide for Panama City, Panama

1 January, 2020

** consistently get high praise from cruisers to quality service

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Beauty Salon /

There are several places in Albrook Mall and places in and around Avenida Central (aka “the walking street”).

Hair / Barber

These are mostly Spanish speaking. Haircuts at the mall usually range from $10-$15. Haircuts at local beauty


parlor establishments range $3-$8. Barber shops for men can be found around Plaza Cinco de Mayo. Expect a


cut to cost $3 to $5.


For English speaking:


A Cut Above 315-1597 (ask for Nixa)


Located in Albrook Plaza. (NOT Albrook Mall. Albrook Plaza is the little strip mall a short distance past the


local Albrook Airport.) Call for an appointment and current prices. See map on page 6.


Nifa 6229-6137


During the cruising season (October to May) provides beauty treatments on the boat (manicures, pedicures,


facials, etc.)




See “Bearings, Belts, Seals” Biggest selection is at Agencias Domingo






Vertimax 236-0234 or 6618-3173 (Jack Harrouche)


Located on Paical/Brazil Street (across from PakYa Panama, around the corner from Abernathy´s Transistmica


store). They can custom make or copy your existing blinds at a very reasonable cost.

Book Binding

Imprenta Don Bosco Elvia Estheer Castro


Calle H y Avenida Central, Edificio San Lazaro. Open Monday through Friday.


A small single front shop, with Don Bosco on the front door. Spanish speaking. Show them the book, they will


ask what color you'd like. Will rebind hard cover or soft cover books, choice of colors, and gold lettering. Takes


about a week. The shop is a small single front store with a life size portrait of Don Bosco on the door. Ring the


bell for admittance.




Gran Morrison


Department store with several locations throughout the city. There is one in the El Dorado Mall, behind the Rey


grocery store (see map on page 7). Their book department has a large selection of paperbacks in English. (Take


Tumba Muerto bus to the large Rey sign on the left.)


Hombre de La Mancha


Located in both Albrook and Multiplaza Malls. Mostly books in Spanish but does carry some in English.


There are also book cases at the Balboa Yacht Club, La Playita Marina and the Shopette (in Las Brisas, on the


causeway) for book exchanges or bring them to pizza night.


E-books: Classics for free downloading: (English) / (German) (04/2017)




Bottom cleaners come and go. Best is to ask on the morning VHF net (see “Radio Nets”). If you do hire


someone, advice to check their cleaning tools and maybe just provide your own for their use. Do-It-Yourselfers


should take their boat to Taboga Island, Isla Bona or one of the Las Perlas islands for cleaner water.


Alcie, 6024-2993 (in La Playita area)


Emiliano, 6202 6369,, can do under water-video before and after (04/2017)


John 6715 1807 (0/2018) Does not speak much English. Charges $1 per foot.


Louis 6729 9250 (04/2017)


Manolo, 6021-6261 Not always reliable. Also, Alejandro 6781-5070


Marvin, 6637-3533. Speaks English and Spanish. Has a dive tank. Mixed reviews, has done a great job for


some, others have needed him to come back. Negotiate price. Was asking $3 per foot, but accepting $1 per foot.


Neldo 6885 7239 (04/2017)


Solis (aka Popocho) 6765-2320. Speaks Spanish only. Reliable. Former diver for Aero Naval. Will work at


BYC, La Playita or Brisas. Best if you can provide a hookah system for him. If you cannot, specify this when


you call him.


Spencer, 6384-9063 (in the La Playita area)

Several of the launcheros (water taxi drivers) at the Balboa Yacht Club clean bottoms. They may come to Las Brisas or La Playita for a few extra bucks. They speak Spanish, but if you see them in person they can understand what you are asking for. Go to the end of the muelle (pier) at the Balboa Yacht Club. Prices are

Cruiser Resource Guide for Panama City, Panama

1 January, 2020

** consistently get high praise from cruisers to quality service

page 12 of 64


negotiable but expect appx. $50-$60 for a 40 foot boat. Ask for Yoni (pronounced “Johnny”) or Eduardo. Their


phone numbers are not listed in the guide any longer as they change too frequently.



Brass Fittings

Start first at Panama Auto (listed under “Auto Parts & Supplies”) They are centrally located on Transistmica

& Copper

and have a good selection (see map page 5). If they do not have what you want, try:


Hidroica 304-0300



Tools and hydraulics. Carries some odd and/or unusual brass hose fittings which Panama Auto does not carry.


Located in Parque Lefevre, Calle 2a. (There is also a Hidroica outlet in Colon at the Millenium Plaza).



Buses &

=> see “Transportation - Buses & Subway”





Camera Repair

Camara Service 666-7008

& Battery

Bella Vista, on Via Espana in Plaza Concordia (opposite the Rey's supermarket on Via Espana at the


footbridge). Is on the ground floor inside Plaza Concordia. Open Monday through Saturday. Prompt service,


honest appraisal. Carry batteries for Canon cameras (which cannot be located in the chain camera stores such as


Panafoto, Audiophoto). (Plaza Concordia is where Via Espana is a one way road, going toward Cinco de Mayo.


Take the subway to the Iglesia del Carmen stop, walk west)

Canal Agents

You do not need an agent to transit the canal, although common consensus is that it is a good idea to obtain an


agent if you are traveling from Colon to Panama City. The following agents, can provide assistance with canal


transits, cruising permits, zarpes, etc. If you prefer to arrange the transit on your own, see “Canal Transits”




Canal Transit Agency 6717-6745 (Rogelio, AKA Roger )


Roger/Rogelio, formerly of the Panama Canal Yacht Club is also listed under “Transportation – Taxis / UBER”.


Extremely reliable. Highly respected. Speaks English fluently. Always gets great reviews. Is also the local


representative for SSCS (Seven Seas Cruising Association and Trans-Ocean).


Enrique Plummer 228-5794 or 674-3086


(Enrique is based out of Balboa on the Panama City side of the canal.)


Erick Galvez 6676-1376 (prefers to provide full package of services, not just


transit assists, works both sides but prefers the Pacific Side. Listed in the Raines cruising guide “Cruising Ports:


Florida to California via Panama”)


Oliver Yacht Services, Oliver 6602-0498,


Oliver is a multilingual (including English) Belgian yacht agent. Can provide lines, fenders (not tires). During


the cruising season (October to May) can also assist with spare parts sourcing, ship and receive packages, obtain


gas, fuel, coordinate laundry. Has a website but would like cruisers to know to not let


the web page scare them off as he is more than happy to work with cruisers as well as the big ships.


Peter Stevens, Regretfully, Pete passed in 2017. He will be missed by all.


Stanley Scott 447-0065 or 6680-7971


Stanley provides many services including immigration, cruising permits, zarpes, canal transits, and taxi service


to/from the Tocumen Airport in Panama City. Works on both sides of the canal, Portobello and Linton.


Tina McBride 6637-2999 (Tina’s web page also


gives helpful info about making a canal transit.)



Canal Lines &

If you hire an agent for the canal transit you can hire line handlers through the agent. Another very good option

Line Handlers

is to ask on the morning VHF net (see “Radio Nets”) or to look / advertise on any of the bulletin boards located


in Balboa Yacht Club or the anchorages. The web site: has a spread sheet function to


match captains looking for line handlers and line handlers looking for boats. Before doing your own crossing,


try to volunteer as an line handler on another boat. The experience is invaluable.


For Lines, Line Handlers or Tires only:


Luis “The Blue Pearl” Taxi – see contact info under “Transportation - Taxis/UBER”


Roger / Rogelio (see entry above under “Canal Agents” as well as under “Transportation – Taxis & Tuber”)


Tito (Colon) 6463-5009


The Colon Tito is a taxi driver located on the Atlantic side. He can help obtain lines, line handlers, etc. for canal


transits. Some cruisers have reported issues with Colon Tito providing promised paperwork.


(continued on next page)

Cruiser Resource Guide for Panama City, Panama

1 January, 2020

** consistently get high praise from cruisers to quality service

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Canal Lines & Line Handlers, continued from previous page


Tito (Balboa Yacht Club) 6499-2054


The Tito at BYC handles the workshop and rails at the Balboa Yacht Club. He can provide lines and line


handlers for a canal transit.


Crew 4U Les & Lea, 6798 0588 email:


Note: It is always good to have at least one (better two – one on the bow and one on the stern)


experienced line handler on the boat, especially at the stern as this is the most important task.



Canal Transits

See also “Canal Agents” and “Canal Lines & Line Handlers”.


If you want to organize the canal transit yourself (easy), you must:


1. Apply for the canal transit by filling out the necessary forms (see below)


2. Have the boat measured


3. Pay your transit fee


4. Obtain your transit date


5. Obtain National Zarpe from Port Captain ($1.40 as of October 2016)


See map on Page 8: The application paperwork can be obtained in person at Building 129A on Avenida Arnulfo


Arias Madrid, in Balboa. (Take the Metro bus from the causeway, get off at the the SECOND stop after the


Banistmo Bank. Walk in same direction the bus was going. Building 129A will be up ahead a short ways across


from Banco Nacional. On your right hand will be a shopping area with Niko's Cafe – great for the photos – a


Citibank where you can pay your transit fee and a Happy Copy where you can have charts copied. Balboa


Dental Clinic and the Balboa Post Office are also in this area.)


You can also call: 272-4571 or 443-2293 and ask for the form to be emailed to you. Complete the form and


return it in person or via email with a copy of your passport and a copy of your boat papers.


You DO NOT need to have your lines on the boat when you are measured by the AdMeasurer. You only need to


tell them you have rented the required lines and they will be on the boat on the date of transit (Make sure they are


on board then!).


See also:


Go to “Maritime Services” and then “Customer Forms”. Available for download and printing are documents


such as “Procedures for Securing a Handline Transit at the Panama Canal”, “Request for Transit Booking”, etc.


Canon cameras & printers can be purchased at OfficeDepot, PriceSmart, PanaPhoto, etc. For repairs, go to:


Canon Oficompu 279-0264


Centro Comerical la Alhambra (across the street from El Dorado Rey Grocery store on Tumba Muerto).


Although it doesn't look it, this is a two story complex. You can see stairs if you walk along the street level. Go


up the stairs and you will be in a parking area with store fronts. The Canon shop is closer to the west end and


well marked. (Take Tumba Muerto bus, get off at large Rey sign on the left.)

Canvas Sewing

=> see “Sewing Services” and “Sails & Sail Repair”

CAT Marine

Narval Marine (listed under “Repairs”)


Abernathy's, Casa Mar or Pesqueros (listed under “Chandlers” below)


Acco or any high-test chain must be shipped in from the U.S. For this service, see Marine Warehouse (listed


under “Chandlers” below).


Note that three of the following have multiple outlets: Abernathy´s, Centro Marino and Pesqueros. If


what you need is available in the city outlet but not in stock at the causeway location, ask if they can bring


the item in from one of their other locations. Most will do so at no extra cost.

Abernathy´s Several locations in Panama City, including:

1.Calzada de Amador (i.e., the Causeway) 314-1432 (at La Playita) – Open MonFri 8:00-17:00, Sat 7:00-15:00

2.Transistmica 260-1222 (Near Riba Smith, other side of road), see the map on page 5.

3.Cinta Costera 227-8620 (Avenida Balboa)

4.Tumba Muerto (across the street from Rey grocery store) (see map on page 7)

Marine supplies, fishing supplies, clothing, line, carries Jabsco, BlueSea, also some scuba stuff, sometimes has West System. Prices are high, ask for the cruiser discount. Should get 20% off most days, maybe more on

Wednesdays at the Causeway location.

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Cruiser Resource Guide for Panama City, Panama

1 January, 2020

** consistently get high praise from cruisers to quality service

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Chandlers, continued from previous page

Agencias Mar y Tierra +507 387 6694 (6450 1818, Abed Soleiman) On the causeway between Narval and Beitur Restaurant)

Captain’s Store -- Jeromino 236-2575 236-6235

Commercial marine supply store. Located in the Altos de Chase area at Tumba Muerto and Ave. de la Amistad 19F. Carries Solas Flares and fire extinguishers.

Centro Marino Three locations:

Ave. National (close to Tuercos y Tornillos) 225-6654 Ave. Balboa 227-3505

Calzada de Amador (i.e., the Causeway). Across from Flamenco Market. 396-1445

Note that the Ave. Nacional location is in a very dangerous area. Take a taxi and have the taxi wait for you!! Carries ICOM, Garmin, Mercury Outboards, Wellcraft, some electrical and plumbing items. The Avenida Nacional location carries Sunbrella, sewing supplies and Strataglass

EQUIPO (formerly Agencias Mar y Tierra) 264-5470

On Via Brasil one block south of Transistmica. Authorized reps for: Marinco, Detroit Diesel, Yamaha, Rule, Teletext, Suzuki, Jabsco, Blue Sea, Guest, Rancor among others. (See map, page 5)

Global Marine +507 232 0149, 6396-0818

Carries oil and diesel additives. Racor filters. In Flamenco at the end of the Causeway, next to Pesqueros inside the building “Casa Club.”

GPS Marine 397-5490, (6315-4686 Claude, speaks English)

Carries International Paint, Cummins Onan, Victron Energy, Sherwood, Dometic, Lumitec, Cat Marine Power, SGP Propulsion. In Flamenco at the end of the Causeway, next to Pesqueros inside the building “Casa Club.”

Marine Warehouse

Although they have very few items on hand at any point in time (Honda Generators, filters and solar panels sometimes), this is really an office for placing orders.

The company ships in most boat items at a price similar to or less than the West Marine or internet prices. Ship by plane or boat. Boat shipments can include hazardous materials.

Some cruisers have experienced problems with items arriving when expected; other cruisers have had no problems and give glowing recommendations. Ask for printed quote.

Local Contact for Deliveries: Arturo Romero, 6702-9256, 314-1768 (Arturo prefers WhatsApp and text messaging over email or phone calls)

Local office is in Las Brisas shopping center at the western end (close to the anchorage), facing the parking lot. Narval Marine – (Causeway, Las Brisas) see listing under “Repairs”

Oliver Yacht Services . See entry under “Canal Agents” for full details.

Pesqueros Sport upperclasswomen (In Colon, is called “Max Industrial”) Two Locations:

1.Amador Causeway – near Flamenco Marina 314-1911, 6982-7372,

2.Parque Lefevre, Ave. Ernesto T. Lefevre 224-7777

Sport fishing store, but also do commercial sales for the fishing fleet. Carries line and chain, Racor filters, zincs, battery water, fishing supplies, etc. You can sometimes find dinghy inflatables at the Flamenco location. Francisco Frias (head of shop), speaks English. Some items are eligible for a “cruiser discount” so be sure to ask. Open Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM, Sat 8AM-3PM

Charts /

Islamorada 228-4947

Cruising Guides

In Balboa (Ave Arnulfo Arias Madrid, 808) across from the YMCA building. (see map page 8)


Carries charts, cruising guides, nautical books and flags. (Catch the Metro bus on the Causeway. Islamorada is


across the street from the big monument in Balboa, get off the stop just after the Banistmo Bank and walk back.)


Charts can be copied, in their full size, at Happy Copy (numerous locations, one is next to Nikos Café in Balboa,


see map page 8).


Popular cruising guides for Panama are:


The Panama Cruising Guide by Eric Bauhaus ( (available at most chandlers as well as


at Islamorada) Guide of choice among cruisers. (Note: There are some reefs in Las Perlas (e.g., Viveros Beach,


south, stoneneedle at San Telmo) that are not listed in the 2015 guide book.)


The Panama Guide: A Cruising Guide to the Isthmus of Panama by Nancy Schwalbe Zydler & Tom


Zydler (available at The Sarana guides cover only the western island of Panama on the Pacific side, but they


are reliable, economical and easily downloaded.

Cruiser Resource Guide for Panama City, Panama

1 January, 2020

** consistently get high praise from cruisers to quality service

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Check-In / Check-Out

Check for the latest information If you have new info/experiences please send the details to

this guide and to

Dress appropriately, be polite and respectful and the officials will work with you; be rude or belligerent and they will not. Following are general guidelines only and apply only to the Pacific side of Panama. Experiences vary, details are fluid. Check on the morning VHF net for current details. (See “Radio Nets”)

2018 Visa Update

In February 2018, the National Immigration Service issued Executive Decree number 11 of February 7, 2018, revoking previous fees for visas of passenger and crew of yachts or sailboats for the purposes of recreation and tourism. Any person who applies for this type of visa must:

(1)enter through an officially authorized maritime post, (2) present their passport and entry visa (if required), (3) must be accessible to be interviewed as well as documents and luggage inspected, (4) must have economic solvency, (5) keep a return ticket to their country.

The above is the executive decree, but different offices might apply it in different ways (for example, you will probably not be asked to present a return ticket to your home country, as you will have the means to exit on your boat. Ask on the morning net (see “Radio, Nets”) for any current first hand experiences.

For the Maritime (Cruiser) Immigration Office (Albrook Immigration), see map on page 6. Get your 72-hour visa and cruising permit first. See details below.

You will need both a Cruising Permit (appx $120) and a Mariner Visa (not the same as a regular tourist visa). The Cruising Permit is issued for one year but becomes invalid if you leave the country with your boat. If you arrive by boat and then leave and return to the country by airplane, your mariner visa will be void and you may need to return to Albrook Immigration office to obtain a new Mariner visa before you can leave the country by boat on an international zarpe. Ask on the morning net for current practices.

NOTE: It has been reported that the Panamanian Government is requesting email confirmation of all boats planning to enter Panamanian waters. If anyone has details, please forward to the email noted on the first page of this guide.

NOTE: On the Atlantic side, you can check in at Bocas del Toro, Colon or Shelter Bay. Bu BE SURE to always get a receipt for any money paid. You may need to show that receipt on the Pacific side to verify you are legal even if you have a stamp in your passport. 2016 Update: Due to conflict between the Panamanian government and the Guna Yala it is not currently possible to check in /out at Porvenir.

Official Website:

International Check In Procedure:

Have plenty of copies of passports for each crew member, your original zarpe from previous country, ship's papers, etc.

On arrival see either of the two “shore side” immigration officers for your 72 hour temporary visa. There is an immigration officer at Balboa Yacht Club (by the ship rails) as well as one on the upper level of the Duty Free building at the end of the causeway.

Next go to the Port Captain at Flamenco (on the upper level of the Duty Free building to turn in your zarpe and receive the “Declaracion General” (cost appx $20) and to apply for your cruising permit (cost appx $100). When you have the cruising permit, make a few copies of it and go to the Albrook Immigration office for your Mariner Visa. See map on page 6. You can either take a taxi to Albrook or catch the Ciudad de Saber bus from the bus terminal at Albrook Mall.

Renewal of Cruising Permit & Mariner Visa: The cruising permit will be issued for one year OR until your vessel documentation expires, whichever comes first. It can officially be renewed twice. (04/2017).

Visa Extension: Source: Albrook Immigration (07/2017)

The Mariner Visa is only issued when you check into the country by boat. If you have a Mariner visa and you leave the country by plane or bus your Mariner Visa will be canceled automatically. Entering again you will get a tourist visa that will be be good for 180 days, after the 180 days you will need to leave the country for 30 days.

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Cruiser Resource Guide for Panama City, Panama

1 January, 2020

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Check In/Check Out, continued from previous page



Overstaying Your Visa: If you stay longer than your allotted time, you will have to pay a fine before you



are allowed to leave the country. This applies no matter how you are leaving. If you are flying out, be sure to



arrive at the airport an extra hour early of your flight time for the fine assessment and payment process.



Different fines have been reported. For some it has been a flat fee of $200. For others a fee of $60 per month.




only two stops are needed for checking out. Total cost about $5 USD:



Checking Out:



Go first to the Port

Captain on Flamenco Island (above the Duty Free Shop) to get an international zarpe.



Then to either the immigration officer at Balboa Yacht Club or the one at Flamenco. As always, have plenty of



copies of everything and your cruising permit. Note that if you arrived by boat and received your mariner visa



then flew out of Panama and returned to Panama by plane your mariner visa will be void and you will now have



a regular tourist visa. The immigration officer may require you to go to the Albrook Immigration office to check






=> See also “Fumigation”







Casa Curiosidades Sr Aurelio Chen, 262-7989 (speaks English)



In Chinatown, Calle Carlos A. Mendoza, 13-20. Take the walking street up to Machetazo, opposite which is a



Todo A Dollar store and a street which makes a T-intersection. The T-intersection street (on the left) has a

(e.g., arnica,


double row of shacks down the center of it (called “Thieves Market” or “Sal Si Puede”). Walk down the T-

tiger balm)


intersection street, being mindful of the eye-level corrugated iron roofs of the shacks. Cross over the road at the



traffic lights, then take the first left after that. Continue another 50yds to where the road forks (there is a sign



“Bienvenidos Barrio China”), then take the left fork. Casa Curiosidades is immediately on your right, opposite



the live chicken market (you will smell and hear the chickens). There is also a Chinese grocery store across from



Casa Curiosidades, which is cheaper than the other Chinese grocery stores around town (e.g., the one across the



street from Lung Fung restaurant, or at Bal Harbour). Good for dried mushrooms, ginger candy etc.







Cromados Panama 224-1056 (reported to be out of business Jan 2013, but not verified)



In Parque Lefevre, Calle Quaquita



=> see also “Galvanizing”



True North, Iberto Osorio 6617-4557



In Diablo, Casa No 5286







There are many electronic and computer stores at the malls where new computer equipment can be purchased,

Repairs &


also OfficeDepot (next to each PriceSmart) and PriceSmart (listed under “Grocery, Big Box”). The following



list is geared more to repair or special needs. See also the entry for “Computers in English”, below.



Acer Computer Service Center: Multi Max on Tumba Muerto. The authorized repair center for Amer



products but there has not been good reviews from people who have tried to have their computers repaired.



(Take the Tumba Muerto bus. After passing the large Rey sign on the left, look for Multi Max on the left. See



map page 7.)



Alex Newman 202-1525, 6781-9505



Located in the offices above Athens’s Pizza/Pita deli in the El Dorado area. Does software/hardware repair.



WI-Fi engineer that set up the new and improved system at Shelter Bay Marina.



Apple Service Center: Mac Power 302-3929



On Via Brasil, between Via Argentina and Avenida 50 in Edificio Fallopian. (There are Apple stores in the



Albrook Mall, the Multiplaza Mall. Mac Power sells Apple products as well. But these are retail sales, not



repairs.) (Take Via Espana or Panama Viejo, Route 1 bus.)



David on the sailing trimaran “La Ventosa”, usually anchored at Las Brisas. 6505-7513. Speaks English and






Electronica Carib (listed under “Electrical Supplies”)



Laptop Service



Acer, Toshiba, HP, Compact, Dell, As's, Leno. Three locations:



Via Espana, Plaza Concordia, Space 149 – 269-0232, 269-1921



El Dorado, Edificio Colonial, Local 19-A260-3401, 260-3402



Via Brasil, Edificio 42, Local 2 (In front of Ida an) – 214-9448, 214-3112





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Cruiser Resource Guide for Panama City, Panama

1 January, 2020

** consistently get high praise from cruisers to quality service

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Computer Repairs & Services, continued from previous page


Planet Computer 260-0083, computerization


Centro Commercial La Alhambra, Local 3 (across the street from Rey Grocery store on Tumba Muerto, in El


Dorado. Good for parts and repairs. The younger girl speaks English. (Map page 7)


Toshiba Service Center: Electronics 265-4500 **


On Via España, close to Via Argentina, next to Jenny Cafeteria. (Via Espana is one way traffic at this point.


Traffic going towards Cinco de Mayo.)


Yoytec Computers 260-3405 260-7959


On Tumba Muerto, just to the west of the El Dorado shopping center with El Rey grocery store. Computer


software, hardware, accessories and service. Repairs desk top models only. No laptops. (Tumba Muerto bus.


Get off at the Plaza Mirage stop. Arrocha pharmacy will be on your right. Cross the street.)


Yoytec also offers computers with English operating systems. (see map page 7)



Computers in

Sonar's Computer Shop 303-6710


Located in Albrook Mall, sells laptops with English operating systems and English keyboards.


Yoytec (details above).


Note: For marine plywood, see “Wood.”


COCHEZ 302-4444 Multiple locations, including:



1. Santa Ana, Calle 15 Este (near the fish market, see map page 4)


2. Parque Lefevre, Calle Diego de Allegro, Plaza Coats del Este


3. Bethany, Ave. Ricardo J. Alfaro, Tumba Muerto


Carry Building Supplies, Paints, Wood and PVC. Also carry copper flashing for roofs which some people use in


place of copper ribbon for grounding their SSB systems.


Discovery Center, Do-It Center and Novey's (detailed under “Hardware”)


ACODECO 510-1300


In Pueblo Nuevo, Calle Madre de Santos, Plaza Cordoba


email: You can download the necessary forms from the web page.

Control Cables

Dimar (under “Bearings, Belts, Seals”)


Flexo Cable, +507 261-7160, WhatsApp 6456-5337,


Open 8AM-5PM


Via Fernandez de Cordoba, Plaza Comercial Mary Anne, Local #2A close to the Metro Station.


Panama Auto (under “Auto Parts & Supplies”)


Protecsa (under “Electronics (Marine)”)


There are two copy places in the Albrook Mall, on the second level above the food court with the carousel.


Copies can also be made at the customer service desk of Rey and Super 99 grocery stores. There are no copy


facilities on the causeway although some cruisers have been able to have a few document copies made at the


office across the hall from the Port Captain's office in Flamenco.


For copy centers that make large chart copies, see “Charts”


Happy Copy, Balboa 211-1277


Several locations in town. Can copy full size charts as well as bind documents, and laminate copies in plastic.


Can copy charts. For the Balboa location, take the Albrook/Amador bus and exit at Theater Balboa. (See map


page 8)

Copper Foil

Not available in Panama as of this edition of the Cruiser's Guide. But you can go to a construction materials


outlet, such as Cochez, (listed under “Construction Materials”) buy a sheet of copper flashing and cut it to size.

Copper Tubing

=> see “Brass Fittings & Copper Tubing”

Courtesy Flags

=> see “Flags”


SSCA – Seven Seas Cruising Association (USA),


Trans-Ocean (Germany),


for both: Rogelio (Roger) de Hoyos,, 6717-6745 (He is also listed under “Canal Agents”


and “Transportation – Taxis & Uber”


=> see “Motor - Diesel Mechanic”.


=> see “Refrigeration – Supplies”

Cruiser Resource Guide for Panama City, Panama

1 January, 2020

** consistently get high praise from cruisers to quality service

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Dentist /

Balboa Dental Clinic 228-0338 314-1019 **

Dental Surgeon

Both the doctors and the staff speak excellent English. Maria, the receptionist, is a delight! Prices are higher


than Dr. Oscar Rodriguez listed below, but the service is excellent. (Catch the Metro bus at the causeway and get


off at the Balboa Theater stop. Walk back the way you came till you see a small monument on your left. The


post office will be next to the monument. The dental clinic is in the small building between the post office and


Nikko's Cafe. See map page 8)


Dr. Gabriela Eisenmann 228-0314 314-1019


Dental Hygienist. Located in Obarrio, on Calle 53E Obarrio. Also works out of the Balboa Dental Clinic.


Dr. Oscar Rodríguez 232-0389 6631-4575 **


Located in Diablo. Extractions, filling, cleaning, whitening, surgeries, xrays, crowns, bridges, root canals.


Speaks English and is always available to consult with you via his cell phone. His office is at the very left of the


building with Dr. Vallerino (GP). (Recieved one bad review in 2016)


Dr. Omar Rodriquez 223-2689


Located in the El Cangrejo area. Atlantica Building, 3rd floor, #4.


Dr. Ida Herrera 441-7141, cell 6614-9712


In Colon the office is located at Calle 3 Nuevo Cristobal PH Torre Esmeralda PB. She speaks perfect English.


On Thursdays, she has office hours in Panama City.


Dental Surgeon


Dra. Dora Roquebert Arias 225-3341 6611-9363


Calle 34 Edificio Victoria Maria, Primer Piso 105. Can do restorative surgery and dental implants.


=> see “Fuel – Diesel & Gasoline”



Diesel Mechanic

=> see “Motor – Diesel Mechanic”



Diesel Parts

=> see “Motor – Diesel Parts”



Dinghy, New

SukiMotor 390-3232, Carlos Osorio 6675-1225, 6554-4697


Calle A Quizado y Avenida Nacional


Have Caribe Dinghys in stock at the Colon Free Zone. These can be delivered to Panama City within 3 days.


Marine Warehouse (details under “Chandlers”) to ship one in from the U.S.


Pesqueros (listed under “Chandlers”) sometimes carries new dinghies.



Dinghy, Repairs

Inflatables Doctor 232-0538, 6617-0928


Repair shop specializing in all brands of dinghies, hypalon and PVC. Also sells patches for do-it-yourselfers.


Located in Via Diablo, Calle Barth, Edificio 42F. This business has received mixed reviews. (see map page 6)


Repallantas Tip-Top James (former cruiser, cell 6673-3850) 224-8315 or 224-6566


In Rio Abajo, in the Centro Commercial, Via España and Calle 96 West (take the Rio Abajo Bus from Cinco de


Mayo.) Will do repairs, also sells Tip Top Glue


For DYIers, Centro Marino (listed under “Chandlers”) sells Tip Top glue

Doctor, General

For medical check-ups and non-urgent or specialized issues. Can provide referrals to specialists. Remember to


bring your passport.


Clinica Albrook 315-0773,


Located in Albrook Plaza 8 (NOT Albrook Mall. Albrook Plaza is the little strip center, past the Albrook airport,


with an Arrocha Pharmacy as well) open Mon-Sat 07:00 to 21:00 (sat to 20:00). Small walk in clinic for general


problems like colds. Low cost. (See map page 6)


Dr. Joaquin Vallarino 6611-9039, 232-0225 **


Excellent English. Office located in Diablo Heights. Call on his cell to make an appointment. His office is at


the very left of the building with Dr. Rodriguez, a dentist. NOTE: in 2013 has begun charging $80 for an office


visit which is about double the standard rate in Panama City. Suggest trying Clinica Albrook first.


Dra. Saskia Maria Bermudez Richard 227-0481, 6615-6764


English speaking. In the Centro Medico Nacional building on Ave Justo Arosemena and Calle 38 (across from


Hospital Nacional)



Cruiser Resource Guide for Panama City, Panama

1 January, 2020

** consistently get high praise from cruisers to quality service

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Specialists &


See also the list of medical providers and hospitals published by the American Embassy at

Note also that many of the following doctors work out of multiple offices. Always be sure to confirm the location when you call to make an appointment!


1.Dr. Norberto Javier Calzada, 6616-7159, Has office in Punta Pacficia (204-8395) and Patilla (269-0566/5222) (269-3483)

2.Dr. Ouiroz Solonilla (269-5222)


1.Dr. Marco Antonio Belizaire 6639-0635, Agape Chiropractic & Wellness, Centro Medico, Ave Peru in Bella Vista. He is on Panama’s Olympic Medical Team. **

2.Clinica Quiropractica Orillac (Dr. Alfredo Orillac, Jr) 225-1345, 223-3403, 225-6461. Trained at Palmer Institute in Ohio. In Edificio Torres Bella Vista, Ave Justo Arosemena y Calle 43 (going NE, it is on the left side before reaching Calle 43. $40 for treatment.)

3.Dr. Michael Joseph 390-9919. Calle 68, San Francisco. (American, see web page) Chirogenics Therapy: Initial exam $125, follow-up treatments $50. Postural Alignment Therapy: $150 initial exam, $75 follow-up


1.Dr. Ricardo Bullen 6676-6830, 223-9697. Across from Hospital Patilla in the Marbella area and at Hospital San Fernando Clinic. Also a Mohs surgeon. Good review in 04/2017.

2.Dr. Constantino Costarangos, 204-8300. In Pta Pacficia **

3.Dra. Anastasia Droham, 204-8526. The Skin Clinic in Hospital Pta Pacifica

4.Dr. Gioconda Gaudiano 6596-4956, 269-7243. Located in the medical building across from Patilla Hospital.

5.Dr. Charles McKeever 204-8466, Hospital Punta Pacifica 5-12


1. Francisco Tagira, 6618 1977, Consultation Medico Patilla (near Multicentro), 5th floor, 509 (04/2017)

Eye Surgeon/Lasik Surgery (see also Opthamologist, below)

1.Dr. Roberto Vasquez, 6673-1001, 263-7977 in Consultorios Medicos Paitilla, Calle 53 & Ave. Balboa

2.Dr. Raul A. Chanis 269-6260. Canis Optical, in Centro Medico Paitilla (Pl 6, ground floor with an outside

entry). English speaking and U.S. trained. Lasik surgery $2,500-$3,000 all inclusive


1.Dr. Teodore Mendez, 6612-2018, 305-6408. In the Clinic at San Fernando Hospital, is also a good contact for other doctors.

2.Dra. Britania Rodaniche, 6615-7565, 264-4893. In Consultorio Medicos Paitilla**

3.Dr. Juan Antonio Carbone, 214-7263, 269-5222. Located in the Hospital Punta Pacifica medical offices.


1. Dr. Oscar Bulgim, 6615-5238, 264-5238. In Consultorios Medicos Paitilla

Internal Medicine

1.Dr. Frank Ferro 6673-2168 (cell), 227-4733, ext 190 or 191 (office, Spanish speaking only) Call office for appointments. Email:

2.Dr. Jose Mendez 265-5155, 226-4821. Centro Medico Paitilla. Does colonoscopies.


1.Dr. Eric Ulloa, 6676-7503, 278-6000. Clinics at both San Fernando Hospital and National Hospital

2.Dr. Jorge Paz Rodreguez, 6678-2354, 269-1785


Clainica Dr. Anibal E. Urrutia 6671-5481 (cell), 261-0610 (office, Spanish speaking only)

On Via Espana just down the street from Clinica San Fernando and above the Rally Laboratory. (If going by taxi. Have the driver call the office for specific directions.)


1. Dr. Arango, 263-7977, 263-7977. Consultorio Centro Medico Paitilla.


1.Dr. Carlos E. Bricenos 269-5222, ext2420. Consultorios Medicos Paitilla.

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Cruiser Resource Guide for Panama City, Panama

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** consistently get high praise from cruisers to quality service

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Doctor, Specialists & Surgeons, continued from previous page


1.Dr. Augusto R. Arosemena 261-6695, 206-2424, 261, 8868. Two clinics (San Fernando in the morning and Centro Medico Paitilla in the afternoon). Speaks good English. Was trained in the U.S.

2.Clinica de Ojos Orillac-Calvo, Dr. Ruben Orillac 269-7475. On Avenida Balboa, Balboa Plaza #201-202-

203.Can do Yag lasar. The doctor and the office staff speak English. Dr. Calvo, the junior partner, has also received great recommendations. Speaks excellent English. Has a shorter waiting time for appointments.

2.Centro Especializado de Ojos y Glaucoma Dr Rocco G. Melillo, San Fernando Hospital. Telephone direct:

229-6769 or email

Orthopedic Surgeon

1.Dr. Luis Fernando Amando 6675-5180 (cell, he does not mind if you call him directly), 306-3382/83 (office). Email: Located in Centro Medico Nacional (building next to Hospital Nacional), ground floor.

2.Dr. Salomon Dayan, 204-8444, 204-8445. Clinica Orthopedica Dayan, Hospital Punta Pacifica Medical Center

Plastic Surgeon

1.Dr. Setton, Pta Pacific, 2nd Floor. Excellent English. Referral from Dermatologist Dr. Constantino Costarangos for removal of moles.


1.Dr.Antonio Cachafeiro, 6611-5519, 206-2438. Medicina Internal Reumatologia, Consultorios Medicos Paitilla


Surgeon, Trauma & Critical Care


Dra. Martha Quidettis 278-6609


Speaks English. Trained in the U.S. Reasonable prices. Can treat you at Hospital Nacional, San Fernando and


Centro Medical Paitilla.




See “Mammogram/Ultrasound” above.




1. Dr. Armando Byer 6615-1307 (cell), 227-5444 ext 117 (Spanish speaking only) Located in Centro Medico Nacional, next to Hospital Nacional


Michel Puech


For excursions into the Darien Forest and Embera Villages


Miguel 6628-8629


From Portobello, ecotourism in the forest

Eggs, Extra

Melo's in Rio Abajo: Melo's is just a pet store in many locations (such as the Albrook Mall). At the Rio Abajo

Fresh, Long

location, it is also a feed, grain & garden store. Where you can purchase very fresh eggs, wrapped for long term


storage. Available only in flats of 30 eggs. Ask for them at the check out stand. If you turn them regularly and


do not refrigerate them, the eggs will last several months.


Merca Panama (detailed under “Groceries, Local Style”) also has providers of fresh, unrefrigerated and date


stamped eggs, in the market close to the pineapple section. Sell eggs by the flat.

Electric Motors

=> see “Alternator & Starter Repairs” or “Motors – Electric, Repairs”


Casa de Telefonos 264-6438


On Via Brazil, across the street from the gas station by the PriceSmart on Via Brazil.


Electronica Caribe 223-0205


On Via España close to Via Argentina. Carries electrical components, shrink tubing, does laptop repairs


Electronica Japon 264-2400,,


Located on Via Espana Brazil between Ray and near Iglesia del Carmen, besides Panaderia/Dulceria Symphony.


Rafael Lam speaks English. Carries LEDs (G4 etc), cables, connectors, electronic components, aswell Inverters


Electronica Japonesa 264-6384, 264-1186)


Located on Via Brazil across from PriceSmart. Can also do general electronic repairs.




LED lights, switches, connectors. Looks like a music shop. Speak English.


Around the corner from Panama Auto (map page 5)


See also Mayher, Discovery Center, Noveys and Do-It Center under “Hardware”

Cruiser Resource Guide for Panama City, Panama

1 January, 2020

** consistently get high praise from cruisers to quality service

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Tom Valentin, German electric-engineer, very good English, works both coasts, 6666 2598;

(12V/24V), received good reviews (04/2017)



Miguel 6589-8998, speaks some English



Narval Marine – See listing under “Repairs”



Best advice is to ask on the local VHF net (see “Radio Nets”). There are usually experienced electricians among


the fleet, who are available for consultation.



Electromar Services, SA, Dino 228-9983



Located in La Boca area, electronics and hydraulics, EPIRB Battery Replacement (note: reported to have charged


$400 for an 18 month battery in 2011. See also Overseas Electronics & Beyond, below)


Electronica de Antón, Rolando “Rolo” Tomilson, 6487-3818, 314-0812, 314-1634


Located in Balboa Business Center (across from Freeway Laundry). Does electronic and ICOM repairs. (see


map page 7)



Falcon Electronics, Javier Parra 6781-1544, 314-1034


KVH technician and other electronics. Is also a good source for referrals to other technicians.


Narval Marine – See listing under “Repairs”



Navstar Marine Electronics 228-0399, 6617-2591


Furuno and Iridium Dealer. Located in La Boca, near Freeway Laundry. Osvaldo Flores


Nautimar 6688-7369



Has marine hardware/electronics



Overseas Electronics & Beyond. Julio C Romero 6615-1879, 209-2586, 209-2588 **


ACR, Argus Radar, Cassens & Plath, Kannad Marine, Nauticast, Navico, Northstar, Lowrance, McMurdo,


MXMarine, Simrad, Thrane & Thrane. EBIRB battery replacement, electronics, repair radar etc. 5 Year


replacement ACT EPIRB battery was $280 in 2011.



Protecsa 227-3533 6612-9366


Sales and service for C-Plath, Decca, JRC, Leica, Newmar, Raymarine, Robertson, Sea, Seatel, Simrad, Sitex,


Sperry, Sailor, Tokimec. Also does hydraulics. Rebuilds hydraulic pumps. Carries hydraulic fittings and oils.


An authorized repair facility but there are often issues with quality of work and promptness in completion of


work. Located on Via Simon Bolivar, less than a mile past Tuercos y Tornillos and Centro Marino on the right


side of the road (Do not walk here!). Open Monday-Friday 8:00-16:30, Saturday 8:00-12:00


American Embassy



Located in the Clayton area on Demetrio Basilio Lakas Avenue. Accessible by the “Ciudad de Saber” bus C820


from the Albrook Terminal. No walk-ins. You must make an appointment online


French Embassy 211-6200



Located in Casco Antiguo, on Plaza de Francia. At the end of the point.




Flamenco Signal Station – VHF 12, Tel. 6151 3884



Monitor traffic on the Pacific side of the canal. In the Panama City area, they can be hailed as


“Flamenco Signal” or “Panama Signal Station”



Panama Coast Guard – Servicio Marino Nacional -- VHF 16


211-6014 or 211-6013; 211-6012; 6140-6803; 0n VHF or SSB, respond to: “Sierra Mike November”


In the Las Perlas region, the Coast Guard has a station on Isla Chapira. They can be hailed there on VHF 16 or,


6901-4804 or 316-1712



In a mayday-situation you can contact your Home-MRCC in your native language to coordinate with the


locals, for example:



Germany: Bremen Rescue +49 (0) 421 / 536 87 0, (SSB 2187,5 kHz (DSC))


United States: USCG Alameda +1 510-437-3701 (Pacific SR Coordinator)


NOTE: See also “Radio Nets”. When at sea or a remote anchorage, any of the SSB nets can help coordinate


rescue and provide expert advice and assistance





Medical Emergencies: CSS 503-6000, 503-2532



Tourist Police in Panama City (English Speaking) 211-3811




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Cruiser Resource Guide for Panama City, Panama

1 January, 2020

** consistently get high praise from cruisers to quality service

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Emergencies, continued from previous page

Aeronaval: 108

Police Emergency: Dial 104 on your phone

Police Balboa 5119528

Fire Emergency: Dial 103 on your phone

Highway (Roadway) Emergency: Dial 088. (From any cell phones and at no cost to the user. You can report accidents, injuries, emergencies on highways, kidnappings, alleged contrabanding, highway assaults, etc.)


Battery Giant (listed under “Batteries”)



DIMSA/Overseas and Beyond Julio Romero 6720-9733





On Calle 50, Global Bank Plaza. Call for directions.



Panama Tek Lina Serracin +507 389-0786 (land) +507 6949-0709 (mobile)


=> see “Sewing Fabrics & Supplies”


Ferry Services

Ferry services provide travel between Panama City and Taboga Island, as well as between Panama City and


some of the Las Perlas Islands. The following is for general reference only. Prices and times change frequently


due to season and demand. Be sure to confirm there have been no schedule or pricing changes!



Taboga Express Ferry 6234-8989,



Operates daily (Monday through Sunday) from Isla Perico on the Causeway (next to Las Brisas). $10US one


way. See web page for current schedule.



Calypso-Ferry 314-1730 / 390-2403



Departs from the La Playita dock. $14US adults. Be at the pier one hour before departure. Check the schedule at


the office as it changes frequently depending on the season.



Water Taxi on Taboga Island: Chombo 6585 5957 (04/2017)








Resins, Gelcoat

Fibropinturas, SA. 221-2012, 221-2032 Manager: Gustavo Silva 6550-6259



Foam core, Nydacore, marine plywood, fiberglass, gel coat and resins (poly and epoxy).



In Rio Abajo, Calle 5ta, Edificio No. 2469. (Down Via Espana, first left just after the Discovery Center, will be


on the left about two blocks up. From Albrook Terminal, you can take the V560/V520 bus “Via Espana-


Calidonia-Albrook” bus or the V201 “Automotor-Via Espana-Albrook-Directo” bus.).



Abernathy´s and Centro Marino (listed under “Chandlers”) at times carry West System.



SUR (listed under “Paints”).






Mar & Botes 6745-2286



In Rio Abajo, a short distance past Fibropinturas (see above)



Fabrication and repairs of fiberglass items, polyurethane paint and gelcoat application.



Narval Marine – See listing under “Repairs”



Sandino Guerra 6552-1103



Skilled labor in fiberglass and woodwork. Recommended but very busy. Usually works at Balboa Yacht Club


Tito (Balboa Yacht Club) 6499-2054.



Tito runs the taller and rails at the club. Skilled in both fiberglass, gel coat repairs and woodwork.


(This is a different Tito than the Canal-Agent working out of Colon.)


Filters (Motor)

=> see “Oil & Oil Filters”


Filters (Water)

Premier Universe 300-0838



Home appliance store located next to the Elephant entrance in Albrook Mall. Carries 5 micron-filters on the


second floor



Do-It Center, Discovery Center and Noveys (listed under “Hardware”)



Hydromundo (listed under “Watermaker”)




Cruiser Resource Guide for Panama City, Panama

1 January, 2020

** consistently get high praise from cruisers to quality service

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Abrasil 236-5644, 236-5648, 260-9061


Walter Espinosa 6591-8854 (2019: charged $47 to fill and certify 5 extinguishers from their mobile van at


Balboa Yacht Club)


Firemaster de Panama 236-0880


In Bethania, Calle 87 Harry Heno


Panama-Fireworks 222-4105, 6672-7348


Located on Via Espana. Exact address not known. Call for directions.


Abernathy's, Centro Marino, and Pesquero's (listed under “Chandlers”) (limited range)


Grabados Amerika 225-1430


Mon-Fri 8:00-4:00, Sat 8:00-1:00


Islamorada (listed under “Charts”)





Some people have found low cost Panama flags upstairs at El Machetazo (listed under “Groceries, General”)


which they have adapted for use as a courtesy flag during their stay in Panama. The flags are located upstairs


close to the office supplies and usually cost $3 to $5 dollars. Courtesy flags can be ordered on the internet from




Simonetta on the sailboat Dream or simopiero@gmailcom 6507-6872 6063-2399


Has been making good quality flags for 20 years. New flags for Caribbean, Pacific, Indian Ocean, Central and


South America. Also Panamanian flags in Sunbrella. Usually has the most important and requested flags ready


in size 30x45cm (40x60cm for nationality flags). Can make arrangements for flags to be delivered to you.


Note: The courtesy flags for Columbia and Ecuador have the same design. They differ only in their


aspect ratios: Columbia (1:2) and Ecuador (3:5). But from a distance would probably look the same.


Ecuador´s courtesy flag does not need to show the “escudo” (coat of arms)


Marine Safety, Calle 2da Perejil, casa2, Mrs. Roxana 62265429,


carries safety-equipment and fire extinguishers


(2017: 1kg-$14, 2kg-$25 / Parachute flare $45, Smoke pot $45, Hand flare $20, no CO2-gas cylinders - some


prices are better at Pesqueros (listed under “Chandlers”), but check the manufacture due dates!)


Captain´s Store, Centro Marino and Pesqueros (listed under “Chandlers”)






NOTE: For foam core used in boat building, see “Fiberglass, Resins, Gelcoat”


NOTE: Closed cell foam is not available in Panama. To special order closed cell foam, see Marine


Warehouse under “Chandlers”


NOTE: For fast dry foam shipped in from the U.S., see Casa D La Vela, listed under”Sails & Sail Repair”


FibroPinturas (see “Fiberglass, Resins, Gelcoat”) higher grade than the sewing supply locations, but not closed




Pico Pico and El Tapiz (see “Sewing Supplies & Fabric) carry foam sheets, but not closed cell quality).


Mega Depot (see “Grocery Store, Big Box”) some times carries floor mats made of closed cell foam.


=> see “Mail & Freight”

Fuel - Diesel &

In all cases,


! These sources many times have no stock to sell

check in advance to verify availability and costs


to transients.




Balboa Yacht Club (BYC) – Call VHF 6 or call the Marina office at (+507) 228-2313, ext. 3. When obtaining


diesel, you can also fill up your water tanks at no additional charge. Does not carry gasoline. No service


charge. But there is a charge if you are at the dock longer than ½ hour.


Flamenco Marina -- Call VHF 10 or 341-0665 to make appointment. Carry diesel and gasoline (both ethanol


free) and water. At times, have charged a fee to be at the dock. At times have charged $0.05 per gallon for


water. Confirm in advance. The diesel tends to be slightly cheaper at Flamenco than in La Playita Marina.


The Fuel dock is very low, dip your fenders onto the water. Do NOT expect the staff to know how to tie up a


boat or help with lines and beware of surge in the harbor.




(continued on next page)

Cruiser Resource Guide for Panama City, Panama

1 January, 2020

** consistently get high praise from cruisers to quality service

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Fuel - Diesel & Gasoline, continued from previous page


La Boca Gas Station - the closest service station is in La Boca. (See map page 8.) They have refused to fill


“non-standard” jerry cans. Alternatively, take the Metro Bus all the way to the terminal. There is a gas station


next to the terminal. You will need to take a taxi to return to the Amador causeway; filled jerry jugs are not


allowed on the bus.


La Playita – Call VHF 9 or 314-1730. You may be required to pay an extra fee of $20USD to bring your boat to


the dock. Water is available at no cost. A diesel surcharge may be applied ($30) for diesel purchases less than a


set amount (typically 200 gallons). There is also a surcharge for credit card payments. Gasoline is NOT


available. Before bringing your boat in, check with them first on availability and current fees.


Oliver Yacht Services (under “Canal Agents”) will pick up jerry jugs, have then filled and deliver them back


same or next day.




Diesel and gasoline are available on Contadora Island and Isla del Rey. In the western islands diesel is available


from a barge at Isla Cebaco. There is a fuel dock in Pedregal, the port of David, but it is a 25-mile trip up the


estuary from Boca Chica (the only safe entrance of the three) and has to be done with the tides, requiring two


days for a sailboat. Diesel is available from a barge typically located at Isla Cebaco in the Western Islands.

Fuel Injectors /

Electro Inyeccion Diesel Chu, S.A. 261-0212

Injector Pumps

Located on Via Fernandez de Cordoba, No. 41-39. Diesel engines, pumps, Racor housings and Racor filters.


At the Fernancez de Cordoba stop on the Metro Subway. Across the street from the Furniture City. Look for


sign on the street, you will need to walk back through a passageway to the actual store. (Map, page 5)


“Rivas & Picans” – full name “Agencias Diesel Rivas y Picans (ADIRPSA)” 229-3141, 261-4111 **


In Vista Hermosa, Calle Francisco Filos #30-32 Will inspect, clean, recondition and verify fuel injectors.


Highly recommended. Clean shop, new equipment, skilled workers, honest and reliable. (NOTE: They advise


that spare injectors be stored in a mixture 50% diesel and 50% oil.)


Ital Dieselec, S.A. Giovanni Innocenti 260-0666 or 260-3371


Servicios Maurice


Contact Alejandro Lopez 60708168


Happy Tank;; 6980-5554; 3910348


Narvalmarine, Causeway, Isla Perico




24 Hour Fumigation Svcs 6464-1089


NOTE: Enforcement of fumigation requirements for boats entering Panama is lax. Fumigation has, historically,


not been required of cruising boats entering Panama. But it should be noted that fumigation of boats for


mosquitoes is the law depending on your last port of call.


Navstar Marine Electronics (listed under “Electronics (Marine)”)


Acrylic solid counter top and laminate counter top supplies are available at both:


Formica Distribution Center 260-55503 Urb Ind Los Angeles Cl 85 Final



Tandor Cocina Design Center 230-1311, 230-1312


Tumba Muerrta, Via Centenario, Plaza Centenial, Local #28


This info was provided to me in 2015, but there has been no feedback from cruisers on whether it is accurate.


Galvanicadora Civelmec, Carlos 227-6422


Close to the main Centro Marino (the one on Ave Nacional). Possibly around the corner? Minimum weight


100lbs. Note that this is a red zone. Take a taxi!




Hnos. Rodriguez, Dinorah Rodriguez 6979-8284, Office 221-8594


Fabricate head gaskets, gaskets for industrial equipments, etc.


Located in Parque Lefevre. (Spanish Directions: Pasando frente al colegio, Jose Dolores Moscote gire a la


derecha, antes de la tienda del chino.)


=> see “Fuel – Diesel & Gasoline”


=> see “Motor - Diesel Mechanic” or “Honda Generator”



Cruiser Resource Guide for Panama City, Panama

1 January, 2020

** consistently get high praise from cruisers to quality service

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Several chains in Panama offer prescription glasses. Optica Lopez, Optica Sosa and Optica Chevalier are


popular ones. Each has an office in the Albrook Mall. Standard practice is to provide a free eye exam to confirm


your prescription. Most special orders take 5-7 working days to fill. Prices are significantly less than in the U.S.


There is an Optica Lopez office across the street from Rey grocery store in El Dorado (see map page 7). Some


cruisers have reported their prices are lower than the prices charged at the Albrook Mall.


=> see “Lettering for Boats”


Abastos – Closed. Has been renamed Merca Panama and moved to a new location. See below.

Local Style

Calidonia Open Air Market. – From the Metro station walk down Avenida Central/Via Espana (the one way



road with traffic going towards Cinco de Mayo). Look for the flower lady on the right. Down that alleyway


behind her will be fruits and vegetable stalls with produce obtained from Abastos. Turn left towards the end and


you will find the meat vendor area.


Merca Panama +507 524-1948


Open 0300 – 1500 (3AM to 3PM) Daily


Merca Panama is Panama City's fruit and vegetable market. Cheapest place for fresh, locally grown,


unrefrigerated fruits and vegetables. It is many acres and several buildings. You can hire a local person (price


negotiable) with a hand cart to show you the areas and collect your purchases


Cruisers often use Roger/Rogelio and his van to make a scheduled trip to Merca Panama and then the Fish


Market. Any cruiser wishing to organize this can call Rogelio/Roger (listed under “Transportation – Taxis &


UBER”) and find out what day he is available and how many people he can take. Announce on the morning


VHF net (see “Radio Nets”).


By Bus, take the C970 bus from Albrook Terminal. The stop is “Mercapanama Interna”(see “Transportation –


Buses & Subway”)


Mercado de Mariscos (Fish Market) – Avenida Balboa and Eloy Alfara (at the western end of Avenida


Balboa, see map page 4). White building with a blue roof. Fresh fish, shrimp, etc. There is also a restaurant


upstairs which overlooks the market stalls. There are colectivo taxis which run between the fish market and


Multi Centro Plaza (Paitilla). Cost is $1 per person, maximum 4 persons. NOTE: Closed the first Monday of


each month for fumigation and cleaning.


Mercado Publico – Meats, vegetables, etc. At the beginning of Avenida Balboa (the western end). (see


map page 4)


Rio Abajo - Small Veggie and Fruit-Market, about 12 stalls (one with fish and eggs), on Via Espana, going


towards Tocumen, on the right hand side a short distance beyond the original Discovery Center, next to Casa de


Plastica (Take the Metro-Bus "Super99, Rio Abajo".)



Grocery Store,

Mega Depot 261-2114

Big Box

Ave Simon Bolivar/Transistmica. (see map page 5)


Warehouse grocery/house goods/limited hardware/small appliances. No membership required. Carries liquor


(lowest prices for wines and hard liquor), frozen meats and goods, canned meats (turkey, chicken, tuna), cleaning


products. Limited selection fresh fruits and vegetables. Carries the BJ's home brand of products. Large packs


(1kg/2pound bags) of dried fruits (raisins, cranberries, dates, apricots) and nuts (pistachios, almonds, walnuts,


pecans, peanuts in shell). Advertise that for purchases over a given dollar amount they will deliver to you. Talk


with them before making a large purchase to make sure of the details and be sure to have a contact phone number


on both sides!

Price Smart 214-7011

Two locations in Panama City:

1.Intersection of Via España and Ave Brazil (see map page 5)

2.Tumba Muerto, a mile or two past the El Dorado shopping center (see map page 6) Open Monday-Saturday 10:00-20:30, Sunday 10:00-20:00

Central American version of the Costco store in the U.S. (carrying some of Costco´s “Kirkland” brand products), Meats, vegetables (refrigerated), cheese, canned goods, etc. Requires a membership card for entry and purchases. You can use someone else´s card but must pay in CASH. You can use a credit card for your purchases only if you are using your own membership card. There are two ATM machines near the entrance. Some taxi drivers carry PriceSmart cards. See “Transportation – Taxis & Uber”


Grocery Store,

El Machetazo



Several locations, including one on Via España in Calidonia and one at the top of the walking street. Both of